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15 Best Email Marketing Newsletter Ideas or Examples for Successful Campaigns

by | Mar 9, 2023 | Email Marketing Newsletter | 1 comment

Publisher newsletters earn a 22% open rate, according to market benchmarks.

Let’s face it: most email marketing newsletters are either dull or dry.

Our inbox was supposed to be a place where we could get relevant, fast, digestible communications from businesses we subscribe to in the first place.

Instead, we are continually inundated with uninteresting or meaningless email marketing newsletter communications.

As a marketer, you would never want the above scenario to arise with your subscribers. 

How can we stay relevant and exciting in our email marketing newsletters that we send our subscribers or prospects?

Below are the 15 best email marketing newsletter ideas you would want to take inspiration from because they are well crafted in the sense of content and design.

15 of the best email newsletter examples we’ve ever seen

In the span of the next 7 years, the email marketing space is expected to grow to $17.9 billion.

1. NextDraft

NextDraft is a distinctive form of news presentation for you to read. It’s a daily newsletter where Dave Pell gives expert curation of a quick and entertaining view at the day’s top ten most happening news or stories of the web.

Dave Pell consistently provides the subscribers with an informative, insightful, and even witty look over the stories they might have missed reading. 

What’s special about the newsletter: NextDraft email marketing newsletter gives crisp and expert curation of news to know about for the day. With a simplistic design and irresistible copywriting, the newsletter is definitely worth subscribing to, honestly. 

It is always descriptive, exact, and ingenious that hooks the readers. Worth noting, the links are incorporated using descriptive or commutative style (not using distractive words such as Read here, or Click here).

Email Marketing Newsletter

2. REI

Recreational Equipment, Inc. or REI is renowned for its top-quality gear and apparel, expert advice, rental equipment, inspiring stories of life outside the four walls, and outdoor experiences. 

What’s special about the newsletter: REI’s newsletter example below gives us a clear idea about how you can keep your mission intact even when you’re selling. REI here amalgamates its mission to get people outdoors and away from the four walls.

Moreover, REI reminds their subscribers what they’re all about, getting people outside for longer:

Email Marketing Newsletter

3. FandangoNOW

FandangoNow is an on-demand transactional movie and TV digital pay-per-view service from NBCUniversal-owned Fandango. It puts a massive library of new releases, classics, and television shows at your fingertips. 

What’s special about the newsletter: Their email marketing newsletter provides weekend movie recommendations to subscribers, making it a well-timed newsletter if it hits your inbox on Fridays. Furthermore, while the newsletter design consists of a lot of graphics, its style is simple to comprehend and connect.

The newsletter efficiently splits a lot of content with numerous icons and straightforward “commerce” and “rent” CTAs in corners of every movie recommendation tile. Each of the movie recommendations is always linked to the FandangoNOW brand.

4. InVision

InVision is the digital product design platform that works to deliver amazing solutions for inclusive collaboration within digital product design and development.

What’s special about the newsletter: With its thoughtfully made CTA elements, InVision still beautifully draws readers’ attention. Their email marketing newsletter is simplistic yet well-designed, and the text makes it much more appealing to attract clicks.

Appropriate white space makes each piece of content appear better. Furthermore, gaps between sections are made in the form of cards, maintaining consistency in terms of appearance. As a result, there is excellent legibility, and content does not feel like it is stuffed in deliberately.

5. is a global network of thinkers, doers, and idea-sharers. It works around educating and inspiring communities. It deals with subjects that affect societies, including infrastructure, customer service, and user-centric design.

What’s special about the newsletter: A one-of-a-kind email marketing newsletter from that seeks to meet the needs of its subscriber with the content shown in three levels – short, medium, and long. Thus, it helps its subscribers choose the content they will like to read.

Organizing a newsletter in this manner ensures that you are meeting the specific needs of your readers without being overly overwhelming.

6. Vox Sentences

Vox Sentences provides news but in a shorter or summarized way centering around politics and policy, business and pop culture, food, science, and everything else that matters. It is brought by Vox, an American news website owned by Vox Media. Vox newsletter subscribers spend an average of 110 seconds on the site, while Facebook users spend just 40 seconds.

What’s special about the newsletter: Vox Sentences sends an email marketing newsletter with daily news summaries covering major stories and news. Their content includes top news stories and fun stories from their own news and elsewhere around the internet. It is worth noting that they put together a series of clear. It useful points (articles) they discuss in this newsletter.

7. Fizzle

Fizzle provides entrepreneurship training in a more affordable, effective, and fun way for everyone. It aims to help independent creators and business builders. Corbett Barr runs Fizzle. It is a talented team of instructors and authors who bring together exciting courses, podcasts, and articles.

What’s special about the newsletter: This email marketing newsletter from Fizzle offers exciting and unique content to its readers. Not found anywhere. Be it blogs, website, or podcasts. It is an unbelievably easy newsletter, goes to the point, and offers subscribers incentive to read it immediately with importance. I would say it is a brilliant newsletter- simple, exclusive, and to the point.

Even though this newsletter is high on text, the text’s relevancy makes it all worthwhile. Since it is impractical to write an entire blog post in the newsletter, it motivates people to click to learn more.

8. TheSkimm

TheSkimm is an American media company, and it provides a subscription-based newsletter. Their newsletter is a digest of news stories centering around culture, politics, tech, and more. Their news stories are short and simple, and they even provide exciting video and audio breaking down of points.

What’s special about the newsletter: TheSkimm’s email marketing newsletter breaks down current happenings and important news in a conveniently digestible manner. Everyday in morning you can delivered to subscribers. Subscribers can begin their days with updates and information. 

If readers wish to learn more, TheSkimm perfectly amalgamates embedded links that lead to more detailed information. Besides keeping a strategic flow of content, it keeps the tone of content light and includes a quote of the day at the top of each email.

9. Medium

Medium is an online publishing and blogging site. It is the perfect platform for authors who wish to start a blog without incurring any costs, and it helps them publish and post posts.

Aside from that, writers can also contribute to the platform’s publishing of selected content. This platform is popular because it is minimalistic, with excellent use of white space and formatting options.

What’s special about the newsletter: The email marketing newsletter from Medium is an incredible example of a minimalistic styled email. Medium is effectively able to send you a ton of content in one email without it getting it cluttered or distracting because of the way they use section dividers. 

Mediums send regular and weekly editions of the digest in their newsletters, letting their subscribers choose the email frequency that is more convenient for them.

10. BrainPickings

Brain Pickings is an online publication by Maria Popova, which features her writing on books and ideas from the arts, philosophy, culture, science, literature, and other subjects.

What’s special about the newsletter: Brain Pickings’ email marketing newsletter is extraordinarily well-designed, and the content seems even more lit, very well complementing its design. Content is organized fabulously, with sections that seem to be enticing to read.

Their weekly newsletter is a perfect way to stay up to date on the best articles of the week, which cover art, history, politics,  storytelling, personal development, and other topics.

11. Litmus

Litmus provides web-based email testing and tracking solutions to 700,000 users across industries, including 80% of the Fortune 100. The company provides all resources pertaining to Email previews, spam filter testing, email analytics, immersive testing, and subject line testing.

Litmus Software is based in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

What’s special about the newsletter: The content of the Litmus emails is intriguing, particularly the design. The color blocks are used, which help to divide the newsletter into easily distinguishable section cards.

If you notice, the calls-to-action are descriptive and used at the end of each post’s summary in a non-repetitive way. Instead of using “Read this post” at each post’s end, concrete activities relevant to the post’s material, such as “Get the checklist” and “Discover that you should test,” are paired with them. 

12. General Assembly

General Assembly provides educational and career transformation services, specializing in today’s most in-demand skills. They create a flourishing culture of professionals seeking careers they enjoy as the leading source for training, staffing, and career transfers.

What’s special about the newsletter: The email marketing newsletter from General Assembly uses a simple theme and attractive graphics to capture the reader’s interest. The design is straightforward, with distinct dividing lines between each part. The graphics are interesting and appropriate, but they don’t detract from the text. The CTAs attract the reader’s attention to where they can go next.

Their email newsletter also informs subscribers of new and upcoming General Assembly events and courses.

13 . This.

This. caters newsletter to a community of people where the community itself shares stories, which is later curated by This. It is some of the finest and most entertaining content available on the internet.

What’s special about the newsletter: What distinguishes their email marketing newsletter from any other is that it contains curated content shared by a community of people on the internet rather than an individual or team.

Members are asked only to share one single link every day, probably the best content they found that day. What was the end result? “We’ve created what we hope will bind you to the best the web has to offer — all of its weirdness, creativity, diversity, and passion,” their website says.

Moreover, the newsletter contains the editor’s selections from all the exciting content that its community members shared. Subscribers are also given the option to subscribe to a customized newsletter that includes the editor’s picks and personalized feeds from curators they can choose from as to their liking. That’s some incredible personalization strategy!

Personalized emails have a 6x higher transaction rate than most marketing emails.

14 . SaaS Weekly

Saas Weekly provides relevant, curated articles on SaaS businesses weekly. Moreover, Hiten Shah here offers valuable insights on being an entrepreneur.

What’s special about the newsletter: SaasWeekly email marketing newsletter is the ultimate newsletter from Hiten Shah, the co-founder of CrazyEgg and KISSmetrics.

Though his approach is straightforward in the newsletter, it is worthwhile and structured in such a way that the information about your interest or preferences is easy to find.

Shah breaks the list of curated posts into various parts, namely, company, product, marketing development, growth tips, etc., making it easy to read and connect.

15. Austin Kleon

Austin Kleon is an author of bestselling trilogy books, namely, Steal Like An Artist, Show Your Work!, and Keep Going. These books are about creativity in the digital landscape. He also speaks for organizations such as Pixar, Google, SXSW, TEDx, and The Economist.

What’s special about the newsletter: Here there is a lot to like. The tone is personal. You have a welcome and a sign-off for “Hey y’all.” There is no wasting time on an intro, and the email is formatted to appear as a list. On top of it, there is an attention seeker illustration that creates curiosity. All of this is simple and impactful and certainly ups the readability!

Do you feel inspired?

Do you feel inspired by the above email marketing newsletter examples? Ready to build your own irresistible email newsletter and put the email newsletter design best practices to the test?

Try a free EasySendy Pro trial to access free email templates, or create your newsletter template using its easy drag and drop editor and much more.

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