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12 Types of Email Marketing Campaigns to Capture B2B Clients

by | Jan 2, 2023 | Email Marketing Campaigns | 0 comments

Contrary to the beliefs of many businesses, Email Marketing Campaigns is not dead. 

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. 

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Data shows that every email generates $42 for every $1 spent. That’s an ROI of 4200%! 

Furthermore, 87% of b2b marketers believe that email marketing is one of the top distribution channels. 

Not bad, right?

The B2B marketing landscape has witnessed numerous additions in recent years. Yet, email marketing still holds the cup for the most effective marketing strategy in terms of generating ROI. 

What is B2B Email Marketing?

B2B (business-to-business) email marketing strategies are when you send an email campaign to a business or a corporation as opposed to an end consumer. 

B2B email marketing is a lot more nuanced than B2C email marketing. B2B professionals carefully calculate the benefits and make a decision based on logic rather than emotion. 

This sets different challenges for marketers. Many marketers follow the same set of rules for email marketing in D2C and B2B. 

And you wouldn’t want to go there. 

You need to consider the differences in purchasing behavior, length of buying cycles, time of sending the emails, and tone of the content. 

Additionally, it takes a longer time to qualify a B2B prospect because there is usually more than one decision-maker. 

So what really works in B2B email marketing? 

Lucky for you, you’re about to find out. We’ve listed some top B2B email marketing strategies that you can implement and chase your sales. 

12 Types of Captivating Email Marketing Campaigns For Your Next Marketing Spree

1 . Announcement Campaign

Let’s say you have introduced a new feature. Or you’ve rebranded. Or you’ve worked on an important update. How do you plan on giving the breaking news to interested parties? 

With announcement campaign emails, of course. 

Announcement emails bring about the much-needed hype around your news and spark interest amongst your subscribers. You can either include all the company news in your emails or add a CTA to take readers to a landing page for more information. 

And while you’ll surely be conducting other email marketing campaigns to announce your new endeavors, emails are a great way to keep subscribers in the loop and create a positive impact on your news. 

2. New Product Launch Campaign

New products are a result of months of sleepless nights and hard work. You’ve spent fine-tuning it until it’s perfect. So when it’s finally time to launch, you want the maximum people to know and grow your customer base. 

Product launch emails are great for directing traffic to your sites. It will be easier to achieve your launch goals with a solid email campaign backing your product. 

It also works when you want to send teasers and build hype. An intriguing subject line that generates curiosity and a compelling content copy that briefly explains what’s about to happen can help your audience get ready for what’s in store. Luckily, you can do this via email automation tools where you can easily build lists and segment them based on multiple factors. 

3. Promotional Campaign

We’ve already established the benefit of ROI in email marketing. Whatever marketing activity you undertake, email marketing gives you a good push to promote your campaign. 

For example, let’s say you have introduced a marketing tactic where small businesses can use your product for free for a year. You can send out an email that explains the benefits of your product to small businesses, highlight your value proposition, the procedures to qualify, etc. 

Promotional email campaigns are a great way to catch the attention of prospective customers in your subscriber list. In fact, 61% of subscribers/customers would like to receive promotional emails every week. It works great if you can even send out codes, or special offers to selected subscribers in order to turn leads into customers. 

4. Event Invitation Campaign

Events are a great way to connect with prospective customers and build a positive relationship with them. However, 36% of event marketers believe that their biggest challenge is increasing event registration. 

Say you’re organizing a webinar to build brand awareness, increase audience engagement, increase authority building, and more. But if you fail to send an effective invitation email, you can hardly expect any audience to attend. 

The solution? 

  • Prepare an engaging email copy that states the attendee’s benefit, 
  • Prepare drip email campaign to send reminders, 
  • Provide option to RSVP 
  • Send a follow-up event email

For example, check out Zendesk’s CX event

Source: Vimeo

What works here?

  • The placing of the word ‘free’ in the subject line
  • The use of statistics to back the context
  • Option to register in the email

5. Reviews Campaign

Don’t shy away from asking for customer reviews as a majority of customers depend on your customer reviews before making a purchase. A lot of your subscriber list includes the existing customers that know you and trust you. They’re a good source of information on how you’re faring. 

So segment your email list and send out emails for reviews. You can either have a CSAT rating score or a Likert scale that facilitates quick and easy reviews. It is advisable to use hyper-personalization in your email reviews, be conversational, and get the trigger time right for each customer. Don’t forget to optimize your landing page and include appealing graphics. 

6. Reminder/Follow-up Campaign

Did you know that only 2% of sales occur within a first pitch? In the b2b landscape, follow-up and reminders are crucial to moving prospects down the sales funnel. To match the pace of the buying cycle, B2b companies practice drip campaigns for sending follow-up emails. 

Drip campaigns are automated emails that go out based on specific timelines or user actions. Research suggests that people who read drip emails are more likely to click as drip emails increase click rates by 119%. 

This brings us to the next question. How do you design drip campaigns for sending reminder emails? 

With email automation tools. 

Tools like Easysendy makes it easy for non-technical professionals to build follow-up campaigns via a drag and drop automation builder. You can also schedule emails according to different time zones to improve the overall engagement rate. 

7. Curated Content Campaign

Once you have an organic list of subscribers, you cannot just send them email announcements or updates. After all, you don’t want to sound overly promotional but also send out emails to simply impart other crucial information that your subscribers might appreciate. 

You keep the momentum going by sending out User-Generated content, trending statistics or top posts you’ve read or top webinars to listen to. For example, Hitesh Shah, the founder of CrazyEgg and Kissmetrics sends out emails of a round-up of the best industry-relevant posts he read on the internet. He simply helps readers and provides them with value without being self-promotional. 

Email Marketing Campaigns

Source: Superoffice

8. Seasonal Campaign

A seasonal campaign is just like any other promotional campaign. But you have to get the timing right with seasonal emails. You can have a buildup before a holiday or an event and a follow-up after. This means you have several opportunities to create a rapport with your customer over a particular holiday or a seasonal event. 

Some points to consider when running a seasonal campaign are:

  • Keeping a list of holidays while campaigning in a particular country to segment them correctly
  • Start your promotions early. During the season, subscribers are already bombarded with seasonal mail. 
  • Make sure colors and themes match the holiday
  • Highlight an exclusive discount you’re offering for the season 
  • Keep the offer for a limited period and use urgency to drive immediate action

9. Newsletter Campaign

More than a campaign, newsletters are a regular part of your email marketing strategy. It’s a tactic to keep the communication alive between you and your subscribers. 

Communication can be anything from what we discussed above. It can be a product update, a company announcement, or merely an educational email. 

But newsletters work. Especially when you want to generate leads, or repurpose your content. 31% of b2b marketers believe email newsletters are the ultimate way to nurture leads and 81% of them also believe it is the most used form of content marketing. 

Newsletters also allow you to get creative with your email content. For example, check out this infographic email newsletter by Grammarly which reviews their yearly performance through visually appealing stats and crisp content. 

Email Marketing Campaigns

Source: Grammarly

10. Re-engagement Campaign

While a high open-rate and email engagement rate can seem too ambitious, you cannot stop trying. Even a lot of active subscribers lose touch and gradually forget about you. But you have to wake them up through re-engagement campaigns. 

What good would it do?

Re-engagement campaigns are great for customer retention. And customer retention is 5x cheaper than customer acquisition. Your re-engagement emails will also be slightly different from the rest. You will have to show that you value your subscribers, ask questions, personalize even more, and provide an opt-out option. 

Pro tip: don’t forget to add a CTA in case the subscribers want to connect with you. 

11. Original Research Campaign

Original research takes months in creating. As a highly valuable piece of content, you’d want as many eyeballs as possible. Sending out emails is the fastest way to get more people to read and download the research and further use it for their content marketing efforts. 

Remember, the goal is to get readers to your site. So keep the email short and benefit-driven. Add a CTA that directs them to a dedicated landing page from where they can download the research. 

12. Whitepapers

71% of B2B marketers leverage whitepapers as a content marketing strategy. It is also an opportunity to segment your email lists and create campaigns that are targeted and effective. 

Sending instructive and educational content that is also unique and relevant to your business, provides real value to your subscribers. Once they have learnt something helpful from you, it builds a sense of trust and increases your brand recall. 

While it again takes time and effort to produce a high-quality whitepaper, it can work wonders for your lead generation if marketed properly. To do so, follow the same step that you would while sending emails for original research. The idea is to get people on the landing page and download your content. 

Finishing Thoughts

Modern marketing practices rely extensively on personalization. But with a growing customer base, it becomes challenging to achieve it.

Email campaigns are the ultimate solution for B2B businesses to scale while also retaining the warmth of personalization. Thanks to email automation tools, B2B email marketing is impactful, cost-effective, and a medium that allows delivering business value with a human touch. 

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