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Email Capture Forms – Best Practices to Feed the Marketing Funnel

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Best Practices, Grow Email List | 6 comments

An email capture form helps you get your subscribers’ email addresses primarily. Using an email capture form helps in building a healthy and consent-based email list, which has a positive impact on your email sending reputation as well.

I always recommend using embeddable popup forms like we have on EasySendy Pro. With over 200 beautiful and responsive popup forms in our library, you can start capturing email subscribers instantly. No technical or design assistance required with our form templates. Bonus features –

  • Easy to embed anywhere on the website
  • Social subscribe buttons on forms
  • Automated segmentation in your contact database
web pop up templates

Talking about the best practices to capture email addresses, this is one practice we consider a mandate at EasySendy.

We always opt for double-opt-in when using popup forms. This helps us keep our email lists healthy. When our subscribers confirm their subscription after clicking on the confirmation link sent to their email address, they are then segmented based on their behavior in our database.

Why email capture forms are important for any business?

In a survey by Formstack, it was revealed that email marketing plays a major role for any business to bring in customers. It was surprising to see that PPC ads had gone down the list, right below email marketing.

email capture report

To do relevant email marketing, you need subscriber information. Like EasySendy, all businesses are now paying immense focus on doing only consent-based email marketing. Thus, email capture forms are your best bet to get subscribers to your email list who are willing to receive emails from you.

PS: Use EasySendy Pro to create your tailored email capture form that your visitors will love. Seriously.

Why is it important to get subscribers?

To grow your business. No business can survive without customers. And you don’t get customers in a snap in the online world.

According to a Forrester study, about 82% of respondents in that study admitted of going through the content of a business for more than 5 times before making a purchase. This means your potential customers are spending time in comparing and evaluating products and services.

Do you leave your subscribers on their own throughout this time span? NO. This is where your drip email campaigns come in. Creating autoresponders, behavior-based drip emails and event-based drip emails, you can help your subscribers move through the marketing funnel towards the end-goal: CONVERSION!!

This brings us back to where we started : [bctt tweet=”Email capture forms are the starting point for conversions and revenue growth.” username=”easysendy”]

Is it hard to create an email capture form?

Not at all. In EasySendy Pro, it is only a few steps and your email capture form is ready. All you need to do is, login to your EasySendy Pro account. Go to Web PopUp form option and hit “Create New PopUp form” to get started. Our simple drag and drop editor will open where you can start building your email capture form.

easysendy popup form

Alternatively, you can avoid all the hard work and just pick a template from our template library, and get started. All our templates are editable. Make changes in format, colors, layout, buttons, and all that you want. Preview your form before making it live. Click on Popup Templates, choose the template you like, bring your mouse over that template and click on import this template to start editing.

easysendy popup form

Without much ado, here are 3 (tried and tested) best email capture form practices to start implementing.

1. Design a good lead magnet for your subscribers 

Lead magnets are the downloadable assets that various businesses create to capture email subscribers. These include free resources like eBooks, PDFs, whitepapers, case studies, statistics, and more.

Your lead magnets should add enough value to convince your visitors to subscribe in order to get it. You are not asking for any money but something more valuable than that – their email address. Hence, to balance out, you must offer something equally valuable.

An amazing lead magnet can make your organic traffic convert. For example, Dave Chesson is an accomplished Kindlepreneur. I found his website while looking for methods to rank an eBook on Amazon. Dave Chesson uses the following email capture popup form on his website where he is willing to offer his eBook for FREE on exactly what I was looking for – How to rank on Amazon – in exchange of my email address and name. Needless to say, it worked on me!

You see, it is a two-way deal here. In return of his eBook, I subscribed to his mailing list willingly. I did have an option to not do so and continue browsing, but giving up on a valuable resource is not something I would do (just like your subscribers won’t let go of your amazing resources). Try it and see.

email capture form example

2. Highlight the mandatory fields

Sometimes, an email capture form can be longer than one field. In such cases, it is important to highlight the mandatory fields. For instance, if you want to download the RFP template on Aritic PinPoint, you will need to enter more than one information. The mandatory fields are marked with asterisks in red color. Also, if you notice, there is a small checkbox at the end to subscribe to marketing emails from the brand. Subscribers can choose to not opt for it.


3. Make your email capture forms power-packed

Email capture forms that are visually engaging have more conversions. Use images or videos on your email capture forms to make it more persuasive. Some amazing ways to make your email capture forms powerful are:

  • Adding bullet points to highlight statistics or numbers or key takeaways
  • Adding image of your brand representative. If you are a blogger, you can use your own image to emphasise on the value addition.
  • Adding powerful videos help in triggering more conversions.
  • A bold and relevant call-to-action button is your best bet on your email capture forms.
  • Create a sense of urgency by including deadlines for special offers that you have created.

[su_box title=”Important Note”]Make sure the privacy link is clearly visible on your email capture form when your visitors see the form. People are really sensitive about their privacy, and anything that messes up their privacy can send them into frenzy. Make sure you include a link to your privacy on your email capture form. This maintains a transparency which your subscribers will appreciate.[/su_box]

Now, lets see how others are using these practices to make awesome power-packed popups to capture email addresses. We will start with How-to-Geek.

Here’s how their email capture form looks:

email capture form example

I will be honest here. The form is not something that will make you go Woooowww!!! Nope. But the reason this form worked is the clarity and the to-the-point nature of the content. The three bullet points make it clear what you can expect. And the weird cartoon face passes off as a Geek too!!

If you are a blogger, you are definitely subscribed to Neil Patel’s blogs. If not subscribed, I am sure you know him too well. He is the founder of Crazyegg, QuickSprout, and KISSmetrics. An accomplished content guru, his tips, tricks, and tactics are practical and always work. If you happen to visit his blog anytime recently, you will see a top bar promoting an upcoming seminar on SEO with a simple CTA.

email capture

It is not a typical form, but surely another way to capture email addresses.

However, for his blog, QuickSprout, Neil Patel used his own image to emphasise on the heavy discount –

email capture

Images have a great impact on your subscribers. When you use your own image, it makes everything much more genuine. Also, it helps in establishing a human-human connection instantly.

Another email capture form that I simply loved was from Convince & Convert. I loved the CTA buttons. They are bold and the content is really appealing. There are two options: Yes, I am listening and No, I am on the mailing list. The content is intelligently placed here, where either ways in all situations, conversion is bound to happen.

email capture


Your email capture form is a great way to communicate with your subscribers directly. If you are not leveraging it, you are doing more harm to your business. However, I know you are smart because you want to convert more subscribers, be it in any marketing stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Can I add form in Email?

If you want to include a form in an email campaign, add a link for the direct contacts to the hosting page.

⭐ Why email capture forms are important for any business?

You can gather essential data through the sign-up form on your website. It helps to increase the number of email subscribers as new visitors have to fill out the simple form. Marketers get an idea about the target audiences for implementing the marketing campaigns based on the customers’ lifecycle.

⭐ What is marketing funnel?

Marketing funnel is the process of breaking down the buyers’ journey from the awareness to the purchase stage for increasing the customer retention.

⭐ What are the stages of the marketing funnel?

Marketing funnel represents the customers’ lifecycle and comprises of five stages to improve the sales revenue:
a) Awareness
b) Consideration
c) Conversion
d) Loyalty
e) Advocacy


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