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6 Actionable Email Automation Strategies for eCommerce Marketers (2023 Edition)

by | Mar 14, 2023 | Email Campaigns | 0 comments

Email automation is a text savvy way to do marketing while you are in an eCommerce store. In this article you will be learning eight different ways of sending actionable email strategies for eCommerce marketers.  In eCommerce the role of B2B sales is of great importance. As it helps in the transaction of one business to another. 

The process of email automation is quite a process which requires a lot of money for digital purposes with which you can keep the company running. This way is used to attract a heavy number of customers who are into that eCommerce platform for a long time or newcomers. It’s said that by enabling email automation one can send email to every individual specially the subscribers who are on the list, creates a good impact on your business and is a lot feasible.

Email Automation

The process of email automation is to send the clients an automatic email based on that category you are choosing. The email automation is used both for transactional purposes and also for promotional purposes. 

The emails that are to be sent to the clients can be sent at different intervals. They are decided according to specific categories. This is a kind of trigger to the clients. The triggers may be a newsletter subscription from the company, cart history, links to clink and a lot more.  If you talk about transactional email you can send your clients a password update or shipping address. 

Remind Customers About Their Half-Way Left Cart

If they go on counting you will see that many cards from many eCommerce sites are left unpurchased. In such a situation if you can rescue your shopping cart’s position. You will get good results to save your eCommerce site. Emails can save those abandoned cards and also see your company’s revenue. You may have seen a few eCommerce websites that keep on reminding the customers about the items that they have left in the card. 

Those evils or messages are sent so that the customer can buy those things and hence will increase the revenue of a particular company. Those eCommerce sites will give you a high amount of discounts and coupons so that they can get conversions easily. You can achieve it by sending the customer an initial email about the left cart 24 hours later after the customer puts it into the cart.  It is to remind them to complete their purchase. 

Personalization of Recommendation on Products to The Customers

Personalisation of emails is now a great trend. You can customize the email that you want to send to your on-going customers and also to the new customers. The emails should match their interest. If you want to get a higher rate and a stronger rate of customers you can also send them a recommendation email about a new product which will push them to buy those.

Try to make your email about a recommended purchase very productive. You can check on the customer’s current purchase details. You can also talk about the products which are similar to the products they have recently bought. 

Discount Emails Over The Purchase History Of The Customer

Discounts and coupons are the most adopted way in eCommerce sites. All these things attract customers’ attention. According to a report, 44% of customers go to the branded websites in a hope of getting discounts and offers.

Your discount should be based on the customer’s likeness of the product, if not, your product may not sell and the discount will be wasted. Continuously check on the products a customer is going through and then send a discount on that particular product. 

Welcome New Customers with Automated Welcome Emails

It is noted that an average of 50% of subscribers open the greeting email that is sent by the eCommerce site. Report it was seen that a revenue of 320% is gained through the greeting emails as compared to the emails for promotion. 

If you are putting an effort to say hi to the customers and also highlighting the products in an excellent way can make your customers very happy about the products your site is providing and hence the number of customers will multiply. So the automated emails specification of the welcoming evil along with some welcoming discounts will help you to plan new customers to your cart. 

Engage Your Customers With A Notifications Of Confirmation Receipts and shipments

If you keep the pace up of sending transactional email and streamlining it. It is one of the benefits of email automation. Online your order confirmations your customers would love to have speech delivery status updates, confirmation, and many more. The emails that are sent to the customers after they purchase a product have 70.9% of open rate. 

This average calculation says that these emails are much more popular than any other emails. If you make your processing slow then your mail will fill up with queries and complaints and also reduce your number of customers. These automatic emails will rescue you through this tension and automatically answer their queries.

Keep Your Customers Involved With Series of Email

According to a recent report, 25% of revenue of a store is collected through  the customer purchase repetition. But it only makes 11% of customers nest on average. If you want your site to grow at its peak then make sure you put efforts towards the customers who are repeating orders through your site. 

That is why you must automate the email process at a great pace by targeting the activity and interest of the repeated customers. Your email should be engaging and attractive. It should consist of blogs, creative ideas, inspirational videos, discounts, coupons, offers, featured customers and more. This will help you to get a lot of attention from your customer.  


In this article you have learned effective strategies and benefits of automated emails for eCommerce sites. The more innovative the automated emails are, the more customers you will add to your email list.

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