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Top 5 Email Account and Service Providers in 2023

by | Mar 9, 2023 | Email Service | 1 comment

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1 . What is an Email Service Provider?

2. Types of Email Accounts

What is an Email Service Provider?

An Email Service Provider (ESP) offers services for sending and receiving email. Good ESP helps you create email templates, manage contact lists, and track your campaigns on a larger scale. Most postage services are free, but some additional features may require a fee.

Types of Email Accounts

If you want to decide on the best free email account and service providers with some advanced features, then you’ll find multiple options available in the market.

It is perfect for giving you a little bit of decision paralysis while selecting the effective tool for your business

Based on your needs, you can pick the right one for your business. In this article, some of the most popular free email account and service providers. We will check their storage, what they let you do, and why they might work for you.

Post Office Protocol 3 is the standard type of email account. Using the POP3 protocol, letters are downloaded to a device (for example, a computer or phone) and then deleted from the server.

The main drawback is the fact that, by default, messages are not saved on the server. Also, the sent letters are not saved on the server; they can be seen only on the device from which these letters were sent. Saving incoming messages on the server and deleting them can be configured separately in the mail client.

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) – Provides access to e-mail accounts on the server, where they can be saved without downloading to a device (such as a computer or phone). Mail can be read from different devices, and emails sent from one device are also visible in the Sent Items folder of another device. This is only possible if the Sent Items folder is synchronized on the server.

With IMAP, emails are permanently stored on the server, and since mailboxes are backed up every night, emails can be restored later if necessary. Restoring from a backup is a paid service, and for more information, we recommend contacting our support.

Let’s discuss some of the top email account and service providers in 2023.

1 . Gmail

Gmail is one of the most widely known email services out there, and it is part of Google’s suite of services. It allows you to use the application from any web browser on mobile devices and desktops.

It has apps for Android and iOS as well as third-party plugins to access data from different platforms. Although there are many reasons, and Gmail has numerous features, including scheduling emails to send a certain period, snooze them so that you don’t lose track.

You can even customize the notifications. Well, you can send large attachments in email through Google Drive, and you can compose to write emails faster. Even you can translate your message right in Gmail. 

Benefits of Gmail

1 . Ample storage space: You will get a huge storage space compared to what you would get if you were using a client program. At present, Gmail provides 25Gb of storage space that means you can store a large number of messages containing large files rather than being limited by storage space on a hard drive. 

2. Cheaper: Gmail has zero maintenance and is highly affordable. That means your events, documents, and email are readily available anywhere you get online with a web browser. You don’t need an IT system administrator to create accounts and give users access to services. 

Disadvantages of Gmail

1 . Storage issue: You can easily access multiple devices as it keeps all the emails stored on the web, but you will leave access to your messages if you lose the internet connection. If you are using Gmail, you are putting your trust in Google more than hardware to protect your messages’ security.

2. Limited search: You can list search as Gmail’s most vital selling points, but you will find some limitations with the feature. It provides less flexibility than Google’s web search by not offering matching plural versions of your keywords. 


You can get 15GB of free storage in Gmail. Can use for Google Drive, Google Photos, and any other tools. You can click on this link to sign up

2 . ProtonMail

ProtonMail is the world’s most extensive email service with millions of active users. This service requires extensive expertise and infrastructure to run. You can provide the highest level of privacy and security with the cost considerations secondary.

This tool is the best option for the average user who doesn’t want hackers or organizations snooping around their emails. It is an open-source, encrypted email provider that provides multiple benefits. It comprises features like encrypted email service, and you get one email address with 150 messages per day.

You can use reasonably robust PGP encryption standards and use them with other email clients.

Benefits of ProtonMail

1 . Safe and secure: ProtonMail stores your information in a secure data center, and you can deliver encrypted emails to your subscribers.  

2. Made for Android and iOS:  With the help of this tool, you can bring easy-to-use email encryption for your mobile devices and integrate PGP end-to-end encryption seamlessly. 

Disadvantages of ProtonMail

1 . Limited ability: This tool has limited ability to search your messages. Encrypted messages.

2. No free accounts: You will not be able to create free accounts with IMAP or POP access.


You can get 500 MB of storage on the free plan of ProtonMail. You can sign up for ProtonMail through this link.   

3. Outlook

If you’re looking for an effective email service that offers multiple features as well as the ability to integrate with business-friendly applications, then Outlook is the best option for you.

It comprises components such as creating new tasks, meetings, assigning tasks to your coworkers, and making your own custom rules. 

Benefits of Outlook

1. Security Concern: Search is one of Gmail’s most vital selling points. But the feature does have its limitations. For example, you can’t sort through your messages by size, which is relatively easy to do in most desktop clients. It also offers less flexibility than Google’s Web search by not offering spelling suggestions or matching plural versions of your keywords. 

2. Enhanced Connectivity: You can attach files to your mobile devices by keeping you connected with the help of Outlook. It is more than just an application for your computer, and it allows you to send, read, and write emails at any time. 

Disadvantages of Outlook

1 . Cost Issue: It has a high cost, and there are no free alternatives that provide the same functionality and features as Mozilla’s Thunderbird. You will get free email services from web-based email clients. 

2. Integration: You will get very little integration with other programs, including Google Calendar; you can download and install a 3rd party application for maintaining all the current information and input.

Storage: Outlook provides 15GB for free on the storage front. You can use this link to sign up for Outlook. 

4. Yahoo

yahoo inbox

It is a web services provider which offers features like customizable inbox theme and layout. It is easy for calendar integration right from your inbox; integrate with your email services to manage all inboxes in one place.

Yahoo comprises features like customizable out-of-office responses, integration with other email services, easy calendar integration, customizable inbox theme, and layout. 

Benefits of Yahoo

1 . Get advanced communication methods: You can install Yahoo Messenger on your mobile phone and computer as you can receive instant messages from your Yahoo Mail page. 

2. Easily accessible: You can easily access your email inbox from any computer at any time; you only need to have the login and password to enter the email addresses. 

Disadvantages of Yahoo

1 . Irrelevant information: Anyone can post anything, and there would be a lot of wrong information on the internet. 

2. Track suspicious people: You will get predators hanged out on the internet to collect unsuspected people in dangerous situations. 

Storage: You will get the storage limit to 1TB for emails. 

You can sign up through this link

5. AOL

aol inbox

AOL is an American-based web portal and online service in New York City. You can keep the specific services relevant and updated. You can use the services for sending and receiving emails.

Although, AOL has unlimited storage space and you can get 25 MB attachment limit and you can organize your emails in a better way.    

Advantages of AOL

1. Live technical support: AOL offers 24 hours live technical support to help on call to the user. 

2. Free services: AOL provides some free services, including free email account access if you don’t want to use an AOL dial-up connection.   

Disadvantages of AOL

1. Ignore unwanted items: You can avoid unwanted startup items as it slows down the PC and its boot time.

2. Troubleshoot: You might find difficulty in downloading and installing the browser.  


AOL provides unlimited storage features and helps to remain relevant. 

You can sign up through this link


You need to consider specific points before choosing the best one for your business. Your email provider should have archive capabilities and a good reputation.

At the same time, you have to look for strong security measures for keeping the messages safe from unauthorized access such as secure database for documents systems enable organizations to access data immediately with fast queries and flexible indexing

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