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Best Email Personalization Techniques in 2023

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Uncategorized | 4 comments

Do you know that email personalization makes a marketing campaign successful?

Email marketing is 40x more effective than any other social media channel. 

As you already know that email personalization is the best way to increase customer engagement. So, we are going to dig out more information about email personalization for better understanding.

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What is email personalization?

Marketers use customers’ data to create relevant and targeted email marketing campaigns. 

However, these email campaigns get tailored to particular recipients by offering them individualized content based on their buyer’s persona, demographics, age, and gender. 

Though email personalization shouldn’t be limited to address the recipients with their first name, the content should emphasize on the recipients’ pain points with a detailed solution. 

Email personalization helps marketers to know the customers in a better way. With email personalization techniques, marketers analyze the subscribers’ details and email preferences.

You can send useful content to recipients with the help of email personalization techniques. It becomes easier for subscribers to buy your products and services when the crafted content fulfills subscribers’ requirements.    

Let’s check out the goals of email personalisation:

  • Grab the attention of the subscribers at the personal level
  • Provide relevant and individualized content for each recipient
  • Improve inbox open and click-through rate.  

Suppose if you can connect with every subscriber like a trusted friend. You can provide them with the information they adore and deliver perfectly tailored content based on their requirements. In return, the recipients look forward to receiving email newsletters from your end.

It would help if you leveraged email personalization to meet customers’ expectations and set them apart from the competition.

According to the latest reports, over 74% of marketers claim email personalization increases customer engagement. Email personalization can increase sales by 20% and drive a high return on investment.

Nowadays, marketers have an abundance of data at your fingertips, but they don’t utilize most opportunities. However, some businesses have failed to use subscribers’ contact lists to send them personalized emails. 

Email personalization is the best tactic to streamline inbound strategies and generate enormous revenue. Meanwhile, many companies have made incredible improvements in their email metrics after sending personalized content to their subscribers. 

So, you can start designing beautiful email templates with personalized email content to optimize the marketing campaigns. It would be best if you explored further the correlation between dynamic content and professional email templates for successful email campaigns.  

This year, email personalization is widely implemented in marketing campaigns. Around 72% of businesses are concentrating on the email personalization strategy. But many companies are slowing to take hold of email personalization. As a marketer, you need to have quality data in your hands before implementing email personalization. This quality data must comprise information related to the customers.

Marketers are aware of the importance of email personalization, but they are struggling to execute in real-time. When it comes to personalizing email campaigns, they need to use specific ways to propel email marketing.

Here are some ways to create personalized emails:

a) Ask the customers relevant questions:
Try to ask the right set of questions for gathering insightful data and make effective segmentation of audiences. Create a tailored content to enhance customer engagement.

b) Understand customers’ persona:
Analyze the customers’ behavioral patterns and interest in creating groups. Send personalized content based on their website behavior and download history. 

c) Send emails at the best time:
Certain times of the day prove to be better for delivering email newsletters. Make an A/B testing and use customers’ data for sending emails at the best times.

d) Generate behaviorally triggered emails:
Create trigger emails to engage the audiences. Trigger emails are a more effective online communication tool as compared to traditional emails and increase the open rate.

How email personalization increases audience engagement?

email personalization increases audience engagement

Email personalization is the best methodology to increase user engagement and improve the conversion rate.

Though, marketers have kept an abundance of data at their fingertips. But they need to understand the new technologies for sending the right message at the right time.

Marketing has become easier and smarter with the rise of new technologies. You can refine the marketing campaigns with the use of AI and machine learning.

However, email marketing helps to capture customers’ attention to products by optimizing customer-centric marketing strategies.  

Why do businesses need personalized emails?

Customers receive thousands of promotional emails every day. Some of the emails end up entering the trash, but personalized emails stand out in the recipients’ inboxes.

Why do emails entering into the trash? 

Consumers have trained themselves to identify junk messages with the rise of scams. As a result, recipients ignore impersonal and irrelevant messages. This prevents you from reaching the subscribers’ inbox.

Well, personalized messages are unique for the recipients and don’t fit in all email campaigns. Subscribers like to open messages which cater to their needs and interests. Email personalization builds trust for your brand and improves customer experiences.  

Marketers can take help of marketing automation to send multiple marketing campaigns with personalized content. They need a platform to offer a powerful and valuable personalization tool. Emails are the most HCP engagement platforms for the pharma companies to boost their customer engagement.

Meanwhile, you need to have a focused approach to creating tailored content to improve credibility with better engagement.

Why is personalization crucial in email marketing?

Customer retention helps companies to retain many old buyers through brand loyalty initiatives. Many companies spend more time on personalized emails to improve customer retention and increase return on investment. Personalization is the critical factor in achieving high inbox open and click-through rates.

Also, subscribers’ names in the email content improve the open rates by 5.2% and build brand loyalty. However, more personalization in the email content augments the open inbox rates by 11% to 55%.

Even customers appreciate targeted campaigns such as special offers for their birthdays. You can concentrate on previous purchases, interests, preferences for creating highly personalized messages.

Here are some best email personalization techniques for nurturing the potential leads in the right way:

  • Gather the right information: Email marketers need quality information at their fingertips to nurture the qualified leads. If you don’t have the correct data, you can’t effectively implement email personalization.

    Start gathering information from the audiences on sign-up forms. You can see the effectiveness of email personalization based on the collected data.

    Use tracking tools to monitor the online behavior of customers to understand their persona. Another method is offering discounts or running contests for collecting information about the buyers.

    Once subscribers get added to the email list, you can ask them relevant questions.

    Similarly, you can ask a bit of information without pushing the consumers to exit the form before signing up. You can gather more information to understand the customers completely.

    However, Collecting data will create a solid base for email personalization in marketing campaigns and bring grand success.
  • Focus on segmentation: Segmentation is one of the biggest things for email marketing. It is a crucial method to place subscribers into different groups based on similarities. Marketers need to customize emails for each group to improve the engagement rate. You can segregate your email list into particular groups to target relevant messages. Customers’ segmentation can be categorized based on the following criteria:You can segregate your email list into particular groups to target relevant messages. Customers’ segmentation can be categorized based on the following criteria:
  • Breaking down your email list into groups allows marketers to produce targeted and relevant messages to the subscribers. For instance, The categories are based on:Age
  • Location
  • Occupation
  • Gender
  • Geographic
    You have to input the segmented data into the marketing automation engine to build email marketing campaigns. Marketers can give the opportunity of self segmentation to the customers for choosing their interests and content type. 
  • Add recipients’ names in the subject line: Subject line is the crucial part of the world of email marketing. If you do not tailor the email content into the user’s name, you do not craft a different message for your subscribers.

    Email personalization augments the open and click-through rate and drives massive revenue for your business.

    Let’s get started with some personalized messages:
  • Tailored content for better click-through and open rates.
  •  Provide offers and discounts to attract potential leads.
    According to the latest research, one in three buyers barely care about their names in newsletters and marketing emails. Therefore, implement better email personalization strategies to grab their attention.  
  • Set the pace with event-triggered emails: Triggered emails are individualized messages for the subscribers to communicate effectively.

    Although this may be true Marketers get to know how customers engage with your website by observing their reactions to products or services. Good communication converts visitors into potential customers and develops long-lasting relationships. 

Have a glance at multiple ways to send triggered emails:

  • Send welcome messages to new subscribers.
  • Re-open communication with inactive subscribers and customers.
  • Bring customers back to your website through cross-selling and up-selling. 

In other words, Marketers can use EasySendy for sending triggered emails by segmenting the readers into real-time and target subscribers based on behavioral patterns.


However, Email personalization is the most effective way to gain new potential customers. Email marketers executing email personalization stay ahead of others in the marketing approach. Take the right approach towards personalization to derive the best outcome. Additionally, Ensure to use the right techniques for personalizing emails in the right way. Start collecting accurate data with sign-up forms.

⭐What are the best email personalization techniques in 2023?

The best email personalization techniques in 2023 include segmenting your list, using dynamic content and personalization tags, leveraging customer data, and using automated triggered emails.

⭐How can I segment my email list?

You can segment your email list by demographic information such as age, gender, location, or interests. You can also segment your list based on past purchases or customer behavior.

⭐What are personalization tags?

Personalization tags are variables that are used to customize emails for individual recipients. These tags allow you to insert a recipient’s name, location, or other data into the email message.


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