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11 Email Newsletter ideas for Travel Agency Business

by | Mar 10, 2023 | Email Newsletter, Uncategorized | 0 comments

In this global economy, travel is becoming an essential aspect of life. People are spending more money on travel than other goods.

So, travel agents need to build a solid digital marketing strategy for engaging their customers.

Families are using trips as a way to strengthen their bond and share experiences. Most travellers do their online research before booking their trips. 

However, there are many digital marketing tools like social media and website pages to engage the customers by booking their trips.

However, email is the best way to get in touch with your customers, and you don’t have to wait for people to visit your website pages. You can quickly contact them and point them whenever you want them to go. 

Generally, families use vacations to strengthen their bonds and share different experiences. Marketers need to have an email newsletter strategy in place for engaging their travellers. Marketers can add the following things to their email newsletters to keep the audiences involved and convince their recipients to become the customers.

Here are some of the powerful email tactics for travel agents:

  1. Grow your list: You can face the most significant email marketing challenges is to build your email list. However, there are few ways to get subscribers with the help of some of the email marketing services like AWeber, Constant Contact, MailChimp. Some autoresponders provide many tools for automating your subscription forms, marketing schedule, newsletter templates, and automated responses. 
  2. Generate a newsletter: It is important to contact your recipients regularly to increase the engagement. So, it is important to create a newsletter which will help to position yourself as an expert and get people to expect your emails. You can even send out messages frequently. However, a newsletter has perceived value and lets you build your brand. You can give your newsletter a simple and straightforward name that helps your brand and add your logo.
  3. Share relevant information: The main goal of marketing is to get maximum bookings and the focus of email campaigns is on providing useful information rather than directly promoting. You can even include offers in your emails like general travel tips, destination guides, timely events.

How can a travel newsletter help you engage with your customers?

You can nurture your leads by creating useful and relevant information with the help of a travel newsletter. Remain in touch  

You can improve your newsletters by contributing in the travel, leisure, and hospitality department and marketers face some challenges when nurturing leads.  

According to the latest data, over 16.6% of the data are opened on time and that is less than the average for different industries. Even, you can see that click-through rates are comparatively low.   

1. Optimize mobile-friendly

Basically, a faulty design can ruin the best travel newsletter and travelers are on their mobile devices more than ever before. People check their mobile phones more as they check everything on that starting from flight to researching activities. 

According to the latest data, over 77% of travelling will be booked on mobile phones. 

You have to format your newsletter as audiences will be reading it. You can consider a responsive or even mobile-first layout to make sure templates look good when opened on a cell phone. So, marketers need to well-designed the email templates on mobile phones for the best possible viewing experience. 

mobile friendly newsletters for travel agency business

2. Dynamic and personalized content

Marketers are familiar with dynamic and personalized content and they have to check how the messages are performing. However, you may not be aware of travel industries’ importance.  

According to the latest data, over 85% of travelers receive emails that are customized for their needs.    

The company sends newsletters to the travelers with relevant information related to their travel dates and specific trips once they book a place to stay.  

personalized and dynamic messages for travel agency business

3. Create compelling videos

You have to add breathtaking images in the travel newsletter for grabbing the attention of the viewers. You can even do better if you include videos in your email newsletter.

When researching the next vacation, over 66% of travellers watch online videos. It seems natural to incorporate that behaviour into your travel newsletter. Generally, the email highlights the video destination where travellers might be interested in visiting.

4. Look for user-generated messages  

Nowadays, travellers rely less on brand’s photos than they used to. We have all been to a hotel where the online images look nothing like the real thing. For more accurate representation, vacationers turn to user-generated content.

Over 75% of millennials accept that the user generated content inspired them to take the travel decision while booking over professional photos. You can include the user-generated photos to showcase where your customers have visited. 

Basically, you can cross-promote user-generated content with social media channels. You can encourage your customers to post with the hashtag and showcase the best in an upcoming travel newsletter.  It is a great way to motivate engagement with your followers and build up your photo library with free images. So, it is essential to motivate your customers to follow up your social media channels to inspire them to purchase. 

5. Generate educational content

Educational content is an essential part of a successful newsletter so if you don’t provide how-to information and blog articles, then it may appear like promotional messages. In the end, it won’t be successful enough to nurture leads.

If you add blog articles to your newsletters, it can help improve your email metrics.

Although, 60% of content marketers drive traffic to their pages through emails and those marketers also believe that emails are the most effective tool for article engagement as compared to other social media channels. 

6. Provide special discounts and deals

Email newsletters related to travel should focus on helpful tips and different insights for highlighting the big deals and discounts. Your customers won’t mind if you position your deals in the right direction.

offer deals and special discounts for business

7. Build testimonials

Well, word-of-mouth marketing has remained one of the most powerful tools for convincing the lead to make the ultimate purchase. Around 90% of travellers have claimed that online reviews play an essential role in booking a specific vacation. You can add customer testimonials and incorporate them in the email newsletter. The testimonials offer a link to read more about the review or the property, and you can add something like this in a newsletter for highlighting the special deal.

add customer testimonials in the email newsletters

8. Add clear calls to action

Basically, your calls to action helps you to encourage the readers to click and this small feature needs to be clear, actionable, and concise for the customers to understand the benefit of clicking. You can include a single CTA in promotional or other lead nurturing emails. However, you can add multiple CTAs for offering different varieties to your readers in the different pages.   

Include call-to-action button to encourage the readers

9.  Analyze reader’s reports and comments

You can learn from different readers’ comments and readers, so that you can make your newsletter more compelling and attractive.  

10. Create newsletter Instagram-worthy

You can make your email newsletter Instagram worthy for making it more appealing to your audiences. 


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