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Route emails through multiple transactional email services

Configure multiple transactional email server according to your requirement and update EasySendy Pro application according to best email delivery and opens.
Add email delivery choice for your email campaigns, integrate EasySendy Pro with SMTP relay services like, Amazon SES, Mandrill, SendGrid, Sparkpost, Leadersend, Dyn, Elasticemail, MailGun, SendinBlue, MailJet, TipiMail and MailerQ.

Deliver Context Based Email Marketing Campaigns

Image to Text Ratio is the key to email marketing success. Optimize it to approximately 40:60 and deliver emails to subscriber inbox.
Use only 1 small image and 2-3 hyperlinks inside email content body, deliver email campaigns direct to inbox.
Keep you email body content simple and personal to improve email open rate.

Micro Segment Subscribers and Send Targeted Emails

Automatically segment email subscribers according to your business requirements along different category upon email open or link click action.
Upgrade / downgrade email subscribes along the email list upon email open or link click action.
According to email segment, send targeted personalized emails to subscribers.

Improve Email Open Rate with Re-engagement Campaign

Campaign Re-engagement allows you to give your subscribers a nudge so that they are reminded of your new email and thus increases the chances of the emails being opened.
Campaign re-engagement feature drastically increases your email open rate by up to 150%.
Send emails to subscribers who have either opened your previous email campaign as well as those who have not opened your email campaign.

Add custom domain policy for delivery servers

To improve email delivery at a particular mailbox of ISP, configure and route email deliveries through a relevant SMTP relays. You can route gmail.com emails through one delivery server and yahoo.com emails through other SMTP delivery server. This is more useful, when, you need to deliver emails to country specific mailbox providers.

Add custom headers to email campaigns

Emails are made up of header and email body which has the main content of email. If your delivery server need extra headers in order to make the delivery, you can add custom headers to your email campaigns going through a particular SMTP delivery server.

Send email from multiple identities

If you have verified an email address at your SMTP delivery service provider, then, you can send email campaigns from that email address from EasySendy Pro front-end. Deliver emails from multiple email address and send email campaigns on behalf of your client.

JSON and XML feed processing in email template

Ease your task of sending email campaigns daily. Automate email with dynamic contents, add JSON and XML feed source to your email template and send updated email campaigns automatically to the list of subscribers.

Email template size optimization for mobile device

Emails on mobile devices are processed faster, when they are available in small size. Enhance emails on mobile devices, automatically optimize the size of email templates for deliveries on mobile devices with EasySendy Pro.

File manager for image upload and management

EasySendy Pro has built-in file manager to upload and add image to email templates easily. Using this file manager, you can easily manage images which you need to embed in email templates.

Multiple tracking domains for advanced customers

You can also add your own tracking domain to EasySendy Pro and use it inside email templates. This is mostly used to white-label the email templates.

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