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Deliver Mobile Optimized Responsive Email Templates With Hybrid Solution

by | Mar 9, 2023 | Best Practices, Blog, Email Marketing, Mobile Email Marketing | 24 comments

In today’s age, consumer’s behavior is changing like the fast and furious time. Every consumer is a digital content consumer. Be it using for shopping or listening to music or experience in booking movie tickets, etc.

According to Mary Meeker, a partner at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, mobile internet usage. In general, it has gone up by 23% as compared to general internet usage which just 8%.

Further, she has pointed out in her annual ‘State of the Internet’ that’s start the many android mobile ad industry as a whole has grown 34% year over year. While desktop digital advertising only grew 11%.

These statistics search clearly say that there is an apparent shift in the way how digital channels are being better utilized look the way importance approach of using many experience responsive email templates design which are fully free android mobile optimized/ free responsive purposes.

hybrid mobile technology

This, in turn, means that help brands should start adapting(appear) and evolve using their way of reaching the consumers through every possible digital marketing channel and choose the best email marketing responsive tool / software for responsive email template.

Experts believe that marketers in the present world are living in a consumer driven approach market list. And buyers following trends are the voice that’s tell everything way based on brands & event to do work in a way so that they could try reach, know and learn their customers across every possible desktop channels includes built source, android device, software that fully works for responsive email templates framework.

Mobile Marketing- a new marketing channel to reach the customers

Importance of Email Newsletter

A newsletter is a cost-effective approach through which a person can build a relationship. Also, maintain the same with his customers. In 2021 B2B Content Marketing Benchmark, Budgets and Trends study, the Content Marketing Institute found that 78% of respondents used newsletters framework.

1. Awareness:

Newsletter content builds a broader picture/ image of the products and services that a company brand approach can offer. To further encourage your customers to add a link & tag. It takes them to look at your business’s website work built in email templates framework.

2. Expertise:

An Email Newsletter has a unique feature by which they can demonstrate your expertise image. It build confidence in your company brand approach and help as a good to know potential supplier. PR 20/20 says that newsletter contents list tag that give complete information to know the consumers about their products or services. It helps to establish a company as an industry leader would look fully better day by day. Sometimes ready to start building engagement with customers. Create email templates layouts with the help of approach tools framework.

3. Promotion:

Newsletters is widely used. It helps to promote products and services. Also for the launch of new products too. Also, help in view the data including  personal information related to special offers. It helps in the reinforcement of your advertisement and promotional campaign. Running special offers exclusively for the readers / email clients always enhances the importance of the good newsletter framework through EasySendy, mailchimp tool.

4. Contact

Email newsletters will always help you to maintain a healthy & good relationship with your customers and email clients. Issuing email newsletters at regular intervals- weekly, monthly or quarterly will keep up the good contact with your customers and personal email clients between purchase or sales calls. If a customer is ready buys your products infrequently, email newsletters will always help you in building a healthy relationship between the purchases, before the next sale opportunity.

5. Coverage:

An email newsletter helps you to increase the coverage of your target segment, by placing to view desktop information about the good newsletter on your website. This, in turn, will allow capturing contact details of new prospects by asking them to subscribe to your website. It is a low-cost method of communication, thereby leaving more money in your pocket for advertising or other promotional activities.

“As you’ve noticed, people don’t want to be sold. What people do want is news and information about the things they care about.”Larry Weber

Why Email Newsletters should be Mobile Optimized?


People need in the present world are increasingly checking emails and reading blogs on their mobile phone devices. As per Gartner survey, 74% of smartphone users check emails on their smartphone.

Now this figure is pretty significant because if your email newsletters does not have a perfect & good email template format & are not mobile optimized. You could miss out opt-in up to three-quarters of your potential customers/ email clients.

Therefore, your email template need must be easily readable on android mobile devices. If you’re looking forward to improving your conversion and click through rate. It should be optimized in such a way that your users do not end up deleting or unsubscribing from your email newsletter.

Optimizing your email template / newsletter leaves you with a lot of room to improve your marketing strategy. If you optimize your newsletter template/ email template for mobile, your need will be having the opportunity of stealing personal email clients/customers from your competitors.

The chances are high that your competitors might not be using responsive html email templates design to optimize email newsletter for mobiles. Responsive html email templates are the hybrid email technique to create device friendly email templates. It works for all email clients to ensure user optimization experiences with responsive email. Many companies already use created welcome template blocks for testing before running campaigns.

Equinux has found out that under 12% of email marketing campaigns make use of a responsive UI optimized for mobile devices.

Therefore, every work should use responsive html email templates design layout for email newsletter in today’s world of digital marketing as it is already the most efficient way to make your email opt-ins and email marketing mobile friendly. And testing already created tools for organisation.

Tips and Tricks to Optimize Your Email Newsletter for Mobile

Given below are a few tips and tricks which if you need follow and share while optimizing your best available welcome email template/ newsletter for mobile devices. It will yield/help the maximum result need leading to a next development of successful implementation of marketing strategy.

Untitled design

Best available Mobile Email Newsletter Design

Font Size and Type:

Fonts should be free set larger for mobile devices than the traditional emails or web fonts service & tools. The body copy font size should be at least 14px and the headlines should be at least 18px-22px. As for the desktop copy font type, if you’re using a font which you like to use, but if your subscriber/email clients doesn’t have that font available on his device, he will not be able to see email content/ message and will immediately delete it. Therefore some example like, the safe web fonts that a person can use/ choose are Arial/Helvetica, Courier/Courier New, Georgia, Times/Times New Roman, Verdana, Tahoma and Trebuchet MS layout.

Email and Device Screen Width:

The recommended width ranges from 320px to 500px wide layout. However, even do not forget to test email template/ message on an iPhone and some other smartphones to already see how they appear when received. Create layouts/ column with the help of tools.


Even in today’s digital world, everyone is not lucky enough to have a super internet connection, especially if the recipient is on 3G. So for images to load quickly, make sure that you will check & choose image file size layout is as small as possible to avoid any delay in loading while opening the different free email template. Make sure you have compressed your jpg images properly with the help of tools.


A single column layout is best for reading on mobile devices as it allows more flexibility for varying screen sizes / space. Moreover, the reader will not have to scroll left or right to read or view the full email message text completely.

Finger Size:

When it comes to mobile email template design service space, the fingers become the mouse which is very significant completely. You have to take this point into consideration. The screen size of mobile devices is considerably smaller than the desktop screen size. Therefore, you have to make sure any button, any hyperlinks are not too close each other and increase than in size to give your design some breathing space includes of course room for fat fingers.

Subject Line:

As always recommended, try to keep your email subject line clear, crisp and concise, ideally of 50 characters/ text or less to win email clients attention.

Email Pre-header: 

After email subject line, check email pre-header is immediately vision in mobile devices; make sure you add proper pre-header to your email template design tools.

Mobile Email Templates

drop off your old textbooks atthe OFFICE of the student counciluntil may 31, 2017 (2)

There are two common types of email template:

  • Scalable: A scalable email newsletter template layout is readable and clickable. No matter what size it is being read on. There is only one HTML file of email scales, which layout/ column fits on both desktops and mobile devices categories need to know.
  • Responsive: Responsive email design software uses CSS3 media queries to render two different layouts/ image depending on the size of the screen the email is being opened by email clients. The unique feature of this designer media is that it can adjust the project layout, text content/ message and text size of an email depending on the screen size. In addition to this, images can be swapped out or completely disabled, images and buttons can be resized and colors can be changed.

Why is it Important to Make awesome Responsive Email Templates?

It is crucial to make your company project newsletter responsive email template, and you have not started walking down that path, it is high time that you commit/download yourself to this activity.

Yet according to ExactTarget, 42% marketers rarely or never use and send responsive email template design. This is a huge loss for a company brand account as they happen to miss out on the chances of reaching out to sale development half of their potential subscribers.

Salesforce Email
In 2021, State of Marketing Survey came up with the statistics as given out by the marketers that email was critical to the success of their work.
  • 20% said that it directly impacted upon the success of their business
  • 60% said it is a critical enabler of their products and service
  • 20% said their primary revenue source is directly linked to organisation.

So, the above statistics clearly pre draws the picture/ image which depicts how email has become important in the world of business event. Not only this, optimizing/collection/ send email template/newsletter  for mobile and making them popular and  responsive. It has also taken an important place in the world of business and marketing event.

According to 2021 State of Marketing report, it is mobile opt-in that’s currently on the top of the list. It is the most effective type of popular campaign, where 66% marketers said that email template/newsletters were very awesome/effective. 76% said the same for mobile opt-ins.

Mobile opt-ins allow company work to capture not only email address but mobile numbers as well. This gives the work a different tremendous/ awesome opportunity to expand of a popular crowded inbox via text or phone.

Making email template/newsletter responsive on mobile devices is also very important.

It has always been popular in demand. Almost 68% of marketers are aware of the fact that having a free email templates design patterns for their emails and landing pages is very important.

However, many marketers are still find struggling in using a different responsive design. Their email template blocks to send awesome layout responsive email campaign.

salseforce email
In terms of email landing pages, the numbers are surprisingly similar:
  • 18% of marketers always use responsive email landing page design
  • 28% often use it
  • 19% sometimes use it
  • 13% rarely use.

Using responsive email template or free responsive templates for email newsletter makes it easy for the viewer to go through the mail without any difficulty. It will instantly attract the email clients/viewer’s attention as your email newsletter will be readable on his mobile device. It increase different email template/newsletter subscription, thereby lowering the chances whereby your subscriber might delete the mail. We can illustrate this point with an example.


Even In the year 2013, a shoe retailer Crocs made a shift. From traditional desktop style to build email to a responsive design patterns. First, they tested the static best desktop version of their email against the static version of their mobile design and email templates design.

All the beautiful three responsive designs experienced works the similar clicks and open rate. However, the different responsive design was slightly more effective and resulted in higher revenue. The static responsive mobile design was worst in its performance.

Then they even again went ahead with another test. They sent a responsive design to half of their subscribers and beautiful static design to the other half. In this test, they did not include any discount which was offered in the earlier analysis, around 70%. However, they experience even more significant results for campaign.

The responsive email template design received a 7.66% increase in Click To Open Rate(CTR). This is an almost 90% increase in mobile read rate and 15.63% increase in iPhone read rate.

Thus, we can boldly say that responsive email template design works in improving your work in campaign.

EasySendy Pro – Delivers mobile responsive email templates

EasySendy is an online email marketing platform that has different plans like EasySendy Pro account, EasySendy Pro account, and EasySendy Social account for various business needs & patterns.

Even Most businesses opt for EasySendy Pro plan way because it has:

  • Collection of beautiful customize designers way of responsive email template  and vast email template library patterns sale using coding tools .
  • Optimized/ creating multiple web popup forms which can be embedded anywhere in the way of website/ blog through coding.
  • Facebook Messenger lead nurturing through EasySendy Social.
  • Automated email campaigns; and more
  • You can insert your own html emails design files here and create multiple html emails in campaign through coding.

EasySendy Drip lets you send targeted email campaigns to your contacts account. The additional embeddable web popup forms help in capturing multiple subscribers. It can automatically come , sale & added to the contact database.

These display popups are ready-to-use and can be customized with the easy drag and drop editor developer. Since all these display popups job are highly responsive.

You can easily capture multiple mobile subscribers sale seamlessly, sending / making your segments more refined.

Additionally, you can add social subscribe buttons which adds to lead information in your database.

easysendy web pop forms

EasySendy supports mobile responsive email template and html emails template. It allow the email clients or the viewers to go through the mail without any difficulty or disturbance. Mobile responsive templates layout allows the email to adjust itself on any mobile device. Irrespective of the size/width of the screen by default.

email template builder

You can create drip sequences for your mobile only users in EasySendy Pro. The campaign builder is easy to use. You can drag and drop various conditions, action triggers, and decisions to kickstart the email sequences.

Add to this, you get detailed analytics to review each of your campaigns from time to time.
easysendy drip-automation-flow

All the email delivery servers integrated with EasySendy work with email templates / free responsive templates. You can send newsletters to your subscribers and email clients which have been optimized for mobile as well.

Under Campaign Stats option, you can see the campaign reports. It shows the mobile device where email is opened. This, in turn, will allow you to deal with issues leading to a less open rate of newsletters. Also help you taking necessary steps for the same.

A free responsive email templates ,mobile-friendly free email templates design or html emails designs through coding for your email is important part of marketing strategy.

If you want to see your business to grow and climb the stairs of success. This is something you must start for your business development.

However, it is just the first step in meeting the needs of your mobile subscribers. Having a mobile-friendly email marketing strategy in mind is also a critical component of any mobile marketing initiative. Also, for all the mobile friendly website/ blog.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#2B8DD6″ size=”7″ center=”yes” radius=”5″]Check EasySendy Pro Features[/su_button]

for your email is a very important part of your marketing strategy. If you want to see your business to grow and climb the stairs of success. This is something you must start for your business development.

However, it is just the first step in meeting the needs of your mobile subscribers. Having a mobile-friendly email marketing strategy in mind is also a critical component of any mobile marketing initiative. Also, for all the mobile friendly website/ blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a responsive email template?

A responsive email template is a template that is designed to be adaptable to different screen sizes and devices. This allows your email to be displayed correctly no matter where it is accessed from.

What are the benefits of using a responsive email template?

This can help to improve your click-through rate and overall engagement with your email. Additionally, responsive email templates can save you time and money by eliminating the need to design separate templates for different devices.

What is a hybrid email template?

A hybrid email template is a template that combines the best aspects of both responsive and traditional email templates. Hybrid email templates are designed to be as flexible as possible, while still providing a consistent look and feel across all devices.

How do I create a responsive or hybrid email template?

If you’re not a coding expert, the best way to create a responsive or hybrid email template is to use a drag-and-drop email builder. This will allow you to easily create a template that is both responsive and customizable to your needs.

Can I use a responsive or hybrid email template with any email service provider?

Yes! As long as your email service provider supports HTML email templates, you should be able to use a responsive or hybrid email template.


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