EasySendy Automate Features

Enter the advance email automation with complete web behavior tracking from Aritic PinPoint

Facebook messenger has highest open rates as compared to standard email campaigns. So, we have brought Facebook messenger engagement within EasySendy Pro to get subscriber engagements rolling directly inside the social media messenger. Deliver messages to your Facebook subscribers directly on Facebook Messenger with all new Facebook Messenger marketing campaigns.

Bulk Facebook Messenger Message Sender

Connect your Facebook page with EasySendy Pro, import your Facebook Messenger subscriber leads and start sending personalized bulk messages within few clicks. Why? Because average messenger open rate is around 60-70%!

  • Customize and personalize your messages with subscriber-leads’ first name.
  • Deliver messages to multiple subscribers in a click.
  • Get the highest message open rate with Facebook Messenger marketing campaigns.
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Send Multi-page Campaigns to Messenger Leads

Add multiple Facebook pages inside your EasySendy Pro account and start engaging with all of your messenger leads at once. No technicalities involved. Its more simple than plug-and-play!

Send Multi-group Campaigns to Messenger Leads

Add multiple Facebook Groups inside your EasySendy Pro account and start engaging with leads through messages. Get real-time engagements happening in all your groups and keep a tab on all group activities.

Automate Facebook Leads Engagement

Automate Facebook Leads engagement through EasySendy Pro Facebook Messenger campaign engagements. Automate and drive higher engagement with following features:

  • Auto Private reply
  • Auto Comment reply
  • Auto Like on comments
  • Facebook Messenger Ad Script
  • Send message CTA Poster for Facebook page

Auto Comment and Auto Like

Set up automated comments and likes for your Facebook Page comments. Create the automation flow within your Facebook messenger campaign and drive engagement.

Auto Private Reply to Messenger Subscribers

Automatically send private replies to your Messenger subscribers based on their activities against your Facebook Messenger campaigns.

Facebook Messenger Ad Script

Create Facebook Messenger Ad Script inside the Facebook messenger campaign tool and embed it into your Messenger ads to drive more relevant engagement.

Send message CTA Poster for Facebook page

Create call-to-action script for your Facebook page and drive engagement on your Facebook Page Posts.

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Grow Facebook Messenger Leads for your Business

Messenger subscribers are your key to a successful Facebook marketing strategy. Integrate relevant widgets on your website and landing pages to driver conversations with your visitors and customers, and then engage them through Facebook messages upon successful conversations. Widgets that you can use:

  • Website Chat Widget
  • Send Button Widget
  • Contact Us Widget

Add Facebook Chat Widget to your Website

Facebook Chat Widget for your website is the key to your successful Facebook Messenger subscribers’ growth strategy. Add widget to your website and engage with your visitors on-the-go. No technical help needed to get started.

Add Send Message Button and Contact Us Widget

Trigger more engagement with your visitors with few simple steps. Add a simple Send Message Button on your website and get offline messages delivered to your Facebook messenger. Add Contact Us Widget on your website to get quick contact queries from your website visitors.

Manage your Facebook Messenger Subscribers Effectively

Conveniently and effectively manage Facebook Messenger Campaign Subscribers with following built-in features of the application:

  • Add and manage multiple Facebook account
  • Auto Sync Facebook Page Messenger Subscribers
  • Messenger Subscriber Grouping
  • Manage Multiple Messenger Subscriber lists
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