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How To Use Subscriber Email List Filters

It is very important to know the behaviour and interest of each email subscriber. So you can easily filter your email subscribers who actively opened your previous email campaigns.

You can follow below steps to filter email list subscribers based on email opens, not open, clicked and not clicked along time and email campaigns. Follow the steps:

1. To filter an email list with subscriber based on email opens, first select an email list and go to the “View All List” option.
2. Select a List and click on “Subscribers” option.
3. Choose one of the option from “show only subscribers” such as Did open, Did click, Did not open and Did not click.


4. Now, choose the campaign from which you want to filter the subscribers.


5. You can accordingly choose the Day, Month or Year when the subscribers opened, clicked, not opened and not clicked the emails and click on “Set filters” tab.


Below on the same subscriber page you will get all the emails which satisfy the above conditions filter.


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