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Ariticmailmta SMTP Sending Domain Configuration

It is very easy to configure sending domain under Ariticmailmta SMTP, you just need to follow these simple step for it.

Adding/configuring sending domain is a good reputation for email marketers.

With sending domains, you can verify the authenticity of the domain used in the campaigns FROM email field.
Once a sending domain is verified, all future campaigns sent from the verified domain will be DKIM signed and will pass SPF validation, thus giving a higher inbox delivery rate.

Under Ariticmailmta one user can add only 1(one) sending domain and need to be unique and should be verified after adding it inside EasySendy Pro.

Follow below steps for Sending Domain Configuration under EasySendy Pro account:

1. Go to EasySendy Pro Dashboard > Delivery Server > Server setting > Update delivery server > Save Changes> update DNS record. You can follow this complete Ariticmailmta SMTP Integration Guide.

2. After above step, you will get the following records of “SPF“, “DKIM” and “DMARC“. You need to add these details to your DNS Setting of your Domain Name Provider. You can follow this DNS Host Name Update Guide.

Note: It may be possible that DNS update from your hosting provider may take upto 48 hours to fully propagate the change through out internet. So, this verification process may take sometime.

3. After updating those records, click on “Verify DNS Record” at the bottom of the screen of EasySendy Pro account.
4. Once your records get updated under DNS Settings you can see that your sending domain is configured under EasySendy Pro account.
5. To check if your Ariticmailmta SMTP sending domain is verified, you need to go to Ariticmail SMTP > Sending domain.

6. Here you can check whether your Sending domain name DNS is verified or not. If it is not in verified state you need to re-check the DNS update status at your DNS hosting provider.

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