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Aritic Mail SMTP Pricing

EasySendy Pro and Aritic Mail SMTP pricing, bills and invoices are maintained separately inside EasySendy Pro dashboard.

Ariticmailmta SMTP pricing are shown here – EasySendy Pro Dashboard > Ariticmail SMTP > Ariticmail Price Plan

Ariticmailmta SMTP Free Uses – 30,000 emails are free once in a lifetime for new customer of Aritic Mail SMTP inside EasySendy Pro account.

After Free uses of 30,000 emails, user get ability to send additional 30,000 emails from Aritic Mail SMTP, which they can use and pay later according to the volume of emails sent under additional 30,000. For example, if you send only 5,500 emails after first 30,000 free emails, then you will have to pay USD $1.09 from Ariticmailmta Reporting Dashboard.

Ariticmailmta SMTP CPM Based Pricing:

Each block of Ariticmailmta SMTP consist of 30,000 emails and cost for a single block is USD $5.95.

After first uses of 30,000 free emails from Ariticmailmta SMTP; users are charged for sending emails on CPM basis.

Ariticmailmta SMTP CPM based pricing: USD $0.187 for 1,000 emails and USD $5.59 for 30,000 emails.

Pre-book Ariticmailmta SMTP:

Once you have consumed first 60,000 emails and paid for last 30,000 used emails, then you will be allowed to book additional email blocks from Ariticmailmta SMTP Price Plan page first, then you would be able to use Ariticmailmta SMTP inside EasySendy Pro.

Pre-booking Ariticmailmta SMTP Email Blocks:

First, when you have used all 60,000 emails then you will be allowed to pre-book the email blocks up to 2 blocks. After this, if you have good email sending reputation, then, ability to pre-book more email blocks will be allowed.


  • Ariticmailmta SMTP doesnot have automatic monthly recurring billing.
  • Ariticmailmta SMTP bill will be charged after the uses of Ariticmailmta SMTP only.
  • All the emails sent from EasySendy Pro platform through Ariticmailmta SMTP is charged.
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