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DMARC is The Reason for your Increasing Email Delivery Failure Rate?

Email marketers are always on their toes to match their pace with the ever evolving market demands. For instance, in the US the inbox placement rates have dipped to 69 percent (2016) from 78 percent (2015) in the second quarter. Thus, intended recipients are unable to see almost 1/3rd of the emails sent out in Q2 2016 in the US. The scenario is same across the globe. There has been a global dip in Q2 rates, from 81 percent to 76 percent last year. Email marketers are, without a doubt, in a terrible place right now, as there is sharp increase in email delivery failure rate.

DMARC is The Reason for your Increasing Email Delivery Failure Rate?

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The first question that arises is: What is catalysing this rise?

An increased number of phishing emails is one of the reasons. Your subscribers probably see an increased number of phishing emails without realising it. While your brand image is at stake, this is also affecting the users’ urge to engage via emails. The lesser they engage, the higher is the chances of your emails to land in their spam boxes. You read read more about 11 Easy Ways to Identify Phishing Emails.

Mailbox providers are continuously striving to evolve and improve the filtering techniques. However, marketers have not been very rigorous in adopting these changes fast. As a result, phishers and spammers got the upper hand.

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The demand for a voluminous email channel, more sales and conversions is high from the email marketing department. But thanks to the limited resources, like time, money, etc., it is a hard target to meet.

Can DMARC help to combat this issue of increasing email delivery failure rate?

Or is it responsible for the Pitfall?

To block out spammers and phishers, marketers are turning to DMARC authentication. Although DMARC is not going to eradicate spammers and phishers, it is still worth a try. The majority of your problem might get solved.

DMARC is not the reason for this drop, but if it is not implemented, then you are at a greater risk. It is an advanced facet of email authentication that helps your brand identify the phishing emails. You can bring down the number of phishing attacks quickly. Setting it up is very easy and can be done in less than 5 minutes.

What Else To Do to Overcome Increasing Email Delivery Failure Rate?

Mailbox providers like Gmail, Microsoft, and Yahoo ( now Verizon) is doing a lot to improve their inbox experiences for their end subscribers. It is important for the email marketers to follow the suit. As the mailbox providers are evolving, so should the email strategies. Sticking to the age-old strategies will only take your brand few steps backwards. The changes are happening very fast. There was a sudden drop in the later half of March in Gmail Inbox, which many noticed while majority didn’t. There are so many marketers who are not yet aware that they pay the penalty for lagging behind.

You should be alert and aware of all the changes happening around. Accordingly adapting yourself to these changes as quickly as possible will help you maintain the lead.

Demands will keep on increasing. There is no denial in that. Also, your resources may not be in abundance. So do you exhaust your resources? Well, no. It is important to cope up with the demand utilising the limited resources you have.

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There is a lot of data out in the market that you can harness to maximise your inbox placement rate by reducing the email delivery failure rate. Not always can you harness the data on yourself! You will need to join forces with a partner who can help you extract the required information. Getting the data, understanding its potential and utilising it rightly will keep phishers and spammers at bay and help your marketing team get more return from email marketing activity.

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To support Micro-Deliverability in Emails; currently, EasySendy Pro allows integration with SMTP relay gateways like Amazon SES, Mandrill, SendGrid, SparkPost, Leadersend, Dyn, Elasticemail, MailGun, SendinBlue, MailJet, TipiMail, and MailerQ. If you are sending an email to a list of above 25,000 email subscribers, then, Micro-deliverability of the email through multiple SMTP gateways provide better email open rate.




Hi Ankit, this is a great write-up. Yes, I absolutely agree with the fact that phishing emails or fraudulent activities are on rise. All the personal information are getting easily leaked, thus posing a significant threat to the world of email marketing. Therefore, implementing DMARC and other authentication protocols are a must. I personally feel it is the only way out for the email marketers to come back in the race of marketing.


Hello Ankit, first of all, I would like to thank you for sharing the blog. Well, I am quite new to email marketing, and these information matter a lot to me as they are helping me to gain knowledge about this channel of marketing and everything catering it. Looking forward to more such blogs from your side. Cheers!

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