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Did You Know? Your Email Subscribers has 8 Type of Mailbox

In 2016, on an average, each email subscriber has 1.7 email accounts per user, and by 2019 it will increase to 1.9 email accounts per user. This data clearly shows, an average email user maintain more that one mailbox to receive emails, which belong to different priority for them. Whereas most of the power email users over internet use more than two mailboxes, even in 2016.


Based on above data, we tried to segment all mailbox of the subscribers into eight different types. The knowledge of the various kinds of mailbox used can help in organising a successful email marketing program. An adequate knowledge of the audience who are reading your emails is needed beforehand for success along with other factors. Below are the different types of mailbox uses by subscribers:

Types of mailbox:

1. Super Users:
This is a subscriber that loves reading the emails sent to him and makes sure to read each one of them. They usually do not have any promotional emails in their inbox as they are picky about what they subscribe. They only read 8% of your messages and are almost 6% of your total subscribers.

2. Engaged Personal:
They read emails which are of interest to them. They love to read emails. This group consists of 10% of your users, and they read around 23% of your emails. They do not read everything on their inbox and hence less picky on whom they subscribe.

3. Super Subscriber:
These subscribers always have an overloading inbox. They receive bulks of promotional emails, and they read a tiny amount of it, as they receive so many emails. They consist of 9% of your audience and read 25% of your emails.

4. Engaged Secondary:
Engaged secondary subscribers are somewhat active. They read few emails which they receive in their inbox. This email address is given only to businesses for fear of spams and is not always used by the user. They account for 9% of your total subscribers and read only 13% of your emails.

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5. Unengaged Secondary:
Unengaged secondary subscribers only engage with their account a couple of times a month or week and reads very little mail that you send. This is likely their secondary account which is used sporadically for specific subscriptions as they fear spams and do not want to be bothered with promotional emails. They consist of 9% of your subscribers and read 12% of your messages.

6. Inactive Personal:
These types of mailboxes are not used for over the past one month, but they receive an extremely high amount of personal email. They consist of 0.5% of your subscribers and read only 1% of the emails you sent.

7. Inactive Secondary:
These kinds of mailboxes are usually not used for the past one month, and they look like they were never heavily used accounts. The higher than normal promotional emails in their mailboxes are a reason for these email addresses were made to separate promotional email from personal emails. They consist of 25% of your subscribers and read less than 1% of your emails.

8. Idle Account:
These types of accounts have never interacted with you nor have received emails for the last one month. They account for 35% of your subscribers and read 0.25% of your emails.

Having an idea of above 8 different type of mailbox used by the end subscribers, now you can quickly figure out what is the profile of your overall email subscriber base. Although, majority of the email subscribers fall under Engaged personal and Ideal account category; your email service provider or email marketing platform should be able to differentiate between these subscriber mailboxes widely.

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Hi Ankit just went through your blog and I must say it is a great piece of work. Honestly, I was so unaware of the fact that there are so many types of mail boxes. Well, thank you for sharing this piece of information. I guess your blog has helped me in further gaining more knowledge about email marketing.

Priya Rai

Hey Ankit, fantastic! Seriously, even I was unaware of the fact that there are 8 types of mail boxes. I am pretty surprised to come across this information. However, thank you for letting your readers know about it.

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